“The body stores emotions on a cellular level, by nurturing the vessel of our souls through intuitive and physical bodywork, we may restore the balance from within.”

Signature Miaa Massage

Restorative nurturing treatment that has an extraordinary effect on the sympathetic and parasympathetic system. Tension points are released and energy is moved to enhance the flow in the body. The body is realigned and re-energized leaving you feeling transformed.

Body Massage

Energising and detoxifying massage with a combination of hot poultices, aromatherapy oils to rejuvenate and awaken the mind, body and spirit connection.

De-stress Massage

Deeply relaxing massage using a combination of neuromuscular techniques, cupping and hot poultices. Clients will have a profound feeling of calm and renewed sense of wellbeing.

Abdominal Massage

An effective abdominal massage that uses colon manipulation techniques to enhance colon movement and abdominal tone. The treatment includes poultices and a head massage.


Soothe and invigorate the senses and the mind with this deep treatment that allows a feeling of wellness and mental clarity.


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