Osteopathy is an effective manual treatment for an array of musculoskeletal disorders. Mandy practices in such a way that the balance of mind, body and soul is at the heart of following the root cause of the presentation in the client. Clients are treated after going through an in-depth medical consultation. An individualized treatment plan is formulated and patients are treated with a spectrum of modalities to achieve optimal results.

Intuitive Guidance and Healing

Mandy offers an individual-tailored treatment integrating cognitive-behavioral principals, mindfulness and elements from intuitive therapy. The therapy is structured, goal-orientated, with a deep understanding of the SELF. Most importantly, it teaches skills to clients helping them deal with challenges on their own.

Cranial Sacral Osteopathy

Cranial Osteopathy is used to identify somatic dysfunction in infants and adolescents. It is also very powerful in treating birthing strains. The tremendous potential that is gained from this modality of treatment can be seen in the foundations that are laid down for the individual to function optimally.

Emotional Detox

Emotional detox constitutes a combination of treatment modalities helping individuals transform their emotional state of being. Repetitive patterns and pain that originates from within resides on a cellular level, this particular form of therapy works to release this.

Relaxation Techniques, Mindfulness and Meditation

In the Buddhist tradition Mindfulness and Meditation techniques are used to bring about awareness of where we are and to find acceptance of ourselves unconditionally. This allows our inherent wisdom to guide us and alleviate the pain of consequences that we find ourselves in.


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