I first decided to visit Mandy for a couple of ailments, this is what you do when you have some health challenges that some doctors can’t seem to get to the bottom of. In my case it was stomach issues and IBS that seemed to have no pattern, just random bouts of it that were very uncomfortable.

When I met Mandy, what was supposed to be a cranio-sacral session turned out to be the beginning of a life changing journey. My sessions with her turned into part therapy and part cranio treatments. Those sessions then progressed to a combination of spiritual and metaphysical discussions but with a direct link to mind, body and soul. I was awoken to the idea that via therapy, I could clear out the negative energies and influences in my life just by understanding what they are and recognising their impact on my phyical and spiritual well being. By doing this, it clears out the negative “clutter” and puts you in a much better position to achieve all your goals and amd ambitions in life.

This is therapy in a context of spiritual development and Mandy offers this unique mix which has undoubtedly changed my life and perspective.

Sameer London

“I often forget that Mandy is a therapist. She is so compassionate, caring & insightful.She is a healer & a doctor. My first port of call. She goes beyond the call of duty with providing me with help & support.”

Anonymous London

“Through her wisdom, guidance and extraordinary homeopathic and cranial osteopathy skills, Mandy has brought a balance back to not only my body and wellbeing but my immediate family also.”

Adrian London

“Mandy, is a unique healer! She is a highly trained osteopath who is intuitive, caring and deeply insightful. Every time I visit London I make it a point to have a healing session with her.”

Anju London

“An impressively informed/trained professional with an extraordinary bandwidth of healing prowess. Mandy is gentle, genuine, generous, unique, intuitive, dedicated, precise and very reasonably priced. What joy!”

CEO Quintessentially Events London

“Mandy’s ability to transform and resolve maladies is a source of inspiration. She is an absolute joy to be around and her warmth and friendliness spreads smiles wherever she goes.”

Jennifer Andrews London


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